Phil's cool scripts... A image album/slideshow generator
cdList Scripts for making a list of your cds from CDDB and displaying them on the web Make a simulated long exposure picture from a video. A tool for finding duplicate files "fast"
ls2html your netscape windows in Enlightenment. Gather network bytes in and out from netstat for mrtg without SNMP (written for OpenBSD 3.5) Automatically rename JPEG files based on EXIF time info. A email/sms to IRC gateway.
time_lapse_video Create a MPEG-4 video from a series of JPG images.
url2uue.cgi Give this CGI a URL and get the uuencoded result back the Window Maker warpto function for Enlightenment.
webInOutBoard A PHP script that replaces the employee in/out whiteboard at your office.

Philip Shuman philip at shuman dot org