The Oasis Bible Confrence is an annual youth confrence held each Summer at the Oasis Villas in Palm Springs, California for two weeks. The one week for Jr. High and the other for High School and College youth. The week is filled with two main sessions each morning and evening of worship with an awesome band and diffenent speakers helping us grow stronger in our walk with God and having a great time doing it! Smaller electives with 10 to 30 people are held each morning in the different condos. These are engineered for people's different needs. And of course, there is fun at the 7 pools and the near-by water park. All together a great experience.

Jr. High Oasis 1998 Worship Band

John and Eric (front), Carrie and Mike (back) 1998

Philip and Billy, Jr. High Oasis 1998

483x350 JPG First Christian members ready to go.

351x486 JPG Aaron and Marianne

357x487 JPG Preparing for the long trip ahead.
...or a 67k cropped 852x392 JPG image with 4x better resolution.

779x567 JPG Last day at Oasis 1995

741x514 JPG Philip, Michelle, Jennifer & Shannon 1995