PVM in Use

Aerodynamic Inverse Design and Analysis
3D compressible viscous flows
Fluid turbulence on aircraft structures

Real-time distributed interactive combat simulations
Mobile robot simulator

Computer Science
Parallel compiler
Neural networks
Course-grained image processing algorithms
Chandy-Misra-Hauss deadlock detection algorithm

Multi Media
Computer Vision
Ray Tracing
Audio/Video Compression

Financial Analysis

Quantum Mechanics
Statistical Mechanics
Molecular Modeling and Dynamics
3D-spherical high resolution modeling of convection in the Earth's mantle
Parallel smoothed particle hydrodynamics
Monte Carlo simulations of 2D and 3D magnetic systems
Optimization of super conductor digital electronics circuits
3D image reconstruction for single-photon emission computed tomography
Lagrangian Particle Dispersion Model
Dynamic Chemical Process Simulator

Identify numerical sequences (Golomb Rulers)
Expected values and Partial Differential Equations
Large sparse symmetric matrix diagonalization

Human Genome Project -- Sequence Analysis
Health Center neurophysiological data monitoring
Medical imaging