I picked up a Netgear RM356 56k modem router on ebay but it didn't come with the RJ-45 to DB-9 or DB-25 cable used to reset the device or upload new firmware versions. I did some googling with no success to find the pinouts for this so I could make my own cable.

I emailed Netgear support and promply received a reply to my inquiry

Pinout for the serial cable is:
RJ-45    9-Pin     Signal
1          -       DSR
6          2       DTR
4          3       TXD
3          4       RTS
7          5       SIGNAL GROUND
5          6       RXD
2          7       CTS
8          8       DCD
-          1       -

I hope that posting this helps someone else out too...

Philip Shuman
philip at shuman dot org

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